Wednesday, 21 December 2011

hye peeps..welcome to my blog, really appreciate it when you're following my blog..thanks at all.
by the way, how you'll doin today, something good happen?

hurm, nothin' good happen for me today, just the same day before.
woke up in the early morning, cleaning house,etc..etc..cetera
i do not doin some revision at all sad? no desire?uh well...
u know what, it just me,the kids Quyun and Ajai were at home for all the time today
tapi taklah sampai malam..hewhewhew..erk-what the sound?
my mum and my sis which is hve 5 sis here in my home going to KK
nevermind...just flow with the wind..haha

uh sorry, write diaries la pula..'s not my aim..yeah..just that we called it mukadimah..

by the way, let's the picture give u story when we're kinda boring..

let's swing....  

tired of waiting the pic uploaded, will stop here. only one picture

#maka apabila bosan buai la laju-laju sampai rasa  nak terbang. mungkin boleh tolong masalah kau hilang kejap kot..
#so, let's swing bebeh...
#weee..short entry frm me becoz the line macam tutttt

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