Thursday, 26 January 2012

You are Sabahan when?

morning people..
Alhamdulillah, masih hidup dan bernafas dimuka bumi milik Allah ini.

kali ini entry adalah pasal Sabahan seyh!

copied from fb

>> You are a sabahan when; <<
- U say 'saaaaaanaa' just to show how far that place is.
- U pout ur lips, and turn to the direction to show where things are.
exactly true! say saaaaanaaa sampai entah berapa harkat kot.. and yeah mulut aku bergerak juga nak tnjuk tempat trsebut.
- U answer 'ah?' when people call your name.
in order, you will say that's rude but it's common things we'd say
- The word 'bah' can be used in almost all the situations.
yup,anything we say, we used 'bah'
- U refer ur dad as 'boss' or 'beliau'
- U refer ur mom as 'meliau' or 'mem'
- U refer ur friends as 'gink' or 'genk' or 'bro' regardless of gender
- U refer the waiter at restaurant as 'boss' as well
- U were asked 'are u Indonesian?' by some outsiders when they heard u speak.

by the way, indonesian languange and sabahan languange are different, ofkos dari segi rhyme dan maksud dia lain. maybe I should  post entry about how we speak and used the word 'bah' properly..yawww
- U know what "pindik2 tagap" means.

haha..indeed true
- U can use "gia" n "bah" properly.

ofkos I've used word 'bah' properly
- If someone ask for help, u reply with " Boleh bah kalau kau ".

oh yeah!!
- Favourite word "ARAMAITII" when 'kogutan' liquor"
- Tambahan :
Limpas (to pass/walk by - Maaf, saya limpas dulu?Excuse me, can I passby?
Tapuk (to hide )
Bida (ugly)
Bubut (as in proper malay- "kejar", to chase)
Sakai (ignorant, uncivilized, "hoosier")
Andang-andang (that's how it is)
Sapak (kasi campur/gaul -- utk masakan- or mix as in cooking)
Inda/tia (short form of "tidak" - not, no)
Wicin (another brand of msg as in "aji-no-moto" - a seasoning or food enhancer)
Talampau (proper malay - "terlampau"- too much)
Takajut (proper malay - "terkejut" - shocked, startled)
Siorang (proper malay -"kami"/ "saya - orang" - us, we)
Ngam-ngam (proper malay "kebetulan,cun-cun" - exact, at that time)
Mangkali (proper malay "barangkali" - maybe, perhaps)
Kamarin (proper malay "kelmarin" - yesterday)

okeh, itu aje.

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