Wednesday, 11 July 2012


assalamualaikum and helo people. yes, this is the first entry for july. alhamdulillah, i've  already finished the speaking test for MUET on 2nd july.quite good i think even there hve some mistakes. yeah, spoiled my speaking, stuck while to deliver the presentation of idea. but i think it is good enough becoz we've try our best to make our discussion alive. i do hope we'll get the best mark for the test. Amin.
before entering the exam room, we feel quite nervous. got butterfly in my stomach, isn't?haha was cold.huh

after all my classmate hve finished the exam, we decided to go for kfc. yeah, just wanna to enjoy ourself. fyi, one week ago, we hve Hari Koperasi. so, all of us busying to manage the stall which is we sell soft icecream and a lots of bun. luckily , all of the bun sold out. yeah!

this is the picture when we're MUET test.
Hari Koperasi entry will be update soon.
enjoy peeps.

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