Thursday, 14 February 2013

CNY Openhouse

Salam Alaykum and helo peeps.
wee, yesterday my friend invited us to come for her openhouse. to celebrate Chinese new year and her birthday. mind you, her birthday on 11 Feb. Nicolette Leong Pei xi.hee

tbh, i'm super duper enjoying the'll never know the true value of moment untill it becomes a memory. it is my first time to attend the celebration of chinese new year. full time of first time..haha
apa yang boleh dikatakan disini, walaupun kitaorang berlainan agama tetapi kami sentiasa memahami pegangan masing-masing as long you know the limit.
perhaps, this is what we call 1 Malaysia.rite?
no, i'm not intended to talking what is 1 Malaysia about. I'm just be happy to be Malaysian.
Sabahan people are one of the example where we can see the real life of peace and harmony.

semua orang dapat bergaul dengan baik, tanpa rasa memilih kaum pun. boleh stay kupi-kupi lagi.haha
they know how to treats us.they know what we can and what we can't eat. no matter what it is our race, they still befriends with us.

btw, seronok tengok orang main singa even mercun dia membuatkan kitaorang menekup telinga sebab kuat sangat. and the most important is....ANGPAU LAI LAI..
there is our pictures. not so good pics because taken using handphone camera. tak sempat nak bawa camera abang aku. and yeah, aku menyesal tak sempat nak bawa. mungkin kualiti gambar akan lebih bagus klu bawa kamera tu.

masa mula-mula sampai

sambut birthday Nicol

gotcha me. spot where am I.
I was reaalllyyy thankful to Nicol, We're enjoying the celebration.

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