Tuesday, 18 December 2012

sort of

so, here I am. blogging after all the time have passed. yeah, I already done with my STPM paper. Im free now.
Eh..I forgot something.
Assalamualaikum and helo peeps..
im wondering if anyone read my post here.haha

it is not so me, why am i blogging at this time. 12.50 am oredy, but still i did'nt sleep yet.
today, i think im being so sensitive. im just upset. i hve no idea whats going on. im hurted.
the time had passed, but still i remember the fight between us.uh, dont worry,past is past .we're still friend until today and so on
i rarely thinking about this, im just want to be a best friend for her, im trying to satisfied much what she like. okeh, im going to bed now.
this is enough for what im trying to say.

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