Saturday, 9 June 2012

Of School Holiday

and helo people.
wallaa, me not doin anythin this holiday.
wondering what am I hve done.
doin my visual art sketchs ( bout da PDA concept)..
-ha..I dont think so whoa..ehem, me myself hve to remember, that is the STPM project will be submit on this coming september if I'm not wrong. U dont hve the time to play maaa..
doin my revision on killer subject? chemistry..mathematics..
-of cooooouuuurrrrseeee.........not. yaa, like I'm the biziest girl who doesnt do her revision.* let do not care bout her broken english here..hurmm
O-AM-GEE, STPM, girl!do remember that!
ya, I do, it is just me myself bha...penyakit mim-alif-lam-alif-sin( got it?haha)

by the way, school will be reopen this monday.
well, Monday blues la ni jawabnya.
I dont know since when I hve to face this blues monday. i though i nver think bout it a years ago, when Me..still at shcool, i mean at form 4 & 5. i was just happy to schooling kot.
whatever it is, i hve to face it. for my sake of course.

ehe, long story nampak.
well, this is the holiday story. not goin anywhere. just around Beaufort as well ( wedding ceremony of course) and maybe Sipitang and also Tuaran for a while. sempatla kot pegi RUMAH TERBALIK. that is for me nothing much to see.
just stay in the home, helping the process of penambhan lemak kot..walla
not so la, we kinda hve do the gotong royong around our home which is me and ma sis also our nieces.
sungguh syok jika banyak anak saudara yang ramai dapat tolong anda buat itu ini.haha

mind you to look da picca..haha

satay ma..

ABC kaw..

sipitang corner

esplanade sipitang

till then..

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