Tuesday, 14 February 2012

our stories

helo and Assalamualaikum people..
thanks God I'm still having time to post entry on this cool morning..maybe..haha

yeah..as I told on last entry, we are going to Karnival Pengajian Tinggi 2012 placed on Suria Sabah Shopping Mall. almost 2 days.
for sure, we are taken to there by our school SMKB. only 11 students and we're stayed at cikgu Hasnah apartment. if I'm not wrong UA standard for university apartment.
And I would to say thanks so much to our class teacher aka cikgu Hasnah for giving us the comfortable and safe place to stay for 2 days. Thanks, Teacher!
and also thanks to her daughter which is Aisyah, my classmate on smkb, f1 until f3.
thanks for sending us to the mall, treat a dinner to us...

there we are!

well..on the karnival, we're visiting all the booth ( maybe), collect the souvenir(?) aka bags and pamplets or brosur of ipt degree programme.
yes..like we're shopping so much until there is too much bags but i'm not..know what I mean?
haha. I got 4 bags only.
and collect the pens also maybe. the process of fat burning would be easily happen becoz we're walking there..there..there...

the second day on sunday..back to the karnival then we're heading to centre point for good reasons.
use our RM200 books vouchers.
before the buying session, we went to Pizza Hut for lunch.
then go on to buy the books or whatever
unfortunately, there is too many people ooowh..on Popular bookstore or Eaton's.
did'nt found the books thar we're searching for
i hve to queue(is it true) up to buy the book.
i though i want to buy some novel but...dont know la

Chan and Nicol at Pizza Hut restaurant.....*not really exc. pict..blur! 

okeh..the thanks session over.
i hve to sleep now, preparing for tomorrow.
another kick day!

# didnt hve the chance to be a photog on sambutan Maulidur Rasul becoz we've picked up by the school van driver on the morning. jalan petang cancelled!


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